The Relevance Of NFTS In The New Collaborative Art Paradigm

Mercurial bond¹ by MrBabies

Recently in the cryptocurrency space a new wave of excitement has taken grip of the proponents of collectibles on the blockchain. The rise of NFTs has been nothing short of atmospheric and as such equally polarizing. As with the launch of any new movement this innovative new approach to creation has been met with equal parts skepticism and fervent enthusiasm, especially lauded by the fact that the cryptocurrency space is so new and widely misunderstood — to this point only 6% of Americans responded to a recent poll asking if they had used or owned cryptocurrency (

All Innovation Is Born Of Necessity

The daguerreotype was the first publicly available photographic process — widely used during the 1840s and 1850s and proven popular in response to the demand for methods of chronicling that emerged from a wind which could not be met in volume and in cost by oil painting, added to the push for development of photography as a widespread medium. Furthermore, this was a groundbreaking way to capture events. Some of the very first photographic sets produced show us the Crimean War for example, the disassembly and reconstruction of the Crystal Palace in London, the Interior of the Vatican never before viewed by a commonality outside the clergy in masse and the first photo ever taken in Egypt in 1839 of the Ras El Tin Palace.

“Afghan Girl” by Steve McCurry

Something outside the access and lens of most people became optically clear and accessible, innovation in new forms of depiction were born unto the world and impacted it in so many ways. From a more modern perspective, artists pushing the boundaries have inspired and informed us.
For example — the pioneering artists of depiction, such as Steve Mccurry and his strikingly poignant photo “Afghan Girl” of a Pashtun orphan [shown above]. Without a doubt one of the most iconic picture of all time, published by National Geographic in 1985 from his time as a photojournalist sharing images from the refugee camps at the fringe of the Afghan-Pakistani border, which had decimated rural populations. We all became entranced and informed through his art, people were inspired and it drew the attention of the plight of a population in peril. People became inspired to action because of the art. (

In this same way a new evolution of depiction is evolving now, this time at the hopeful tail end of a population greatly effected by a worldwide pandemic, a cataclysmic event which has upended the lives of so many. Here at Blockchain Music Entertainment, as a group of artist and musicians ourselves we see great promise and the hope for change from established industry norms. Artist are taking back the power to create and adapting to the technological advent provided to them in these most exciting of times to collaborate in forms unseen before in history. The energy is palpable and it’s widely deserved because the scope of its potential is vast beyond a single vision, it will require community to engage and make a reality. Projects are taking shape to utilize the blockchain and NFTs from artists reaching out to each others to share visions and create- to more egalitarian pursuits such as selling art to fund clean air, oceanic cleanup or the planting of trees. Music is being fairly disseminated through this new medium, indie movies and films are finding ways to fund their entire operations. I’ve even seen the prospect of property deeds and titles being registered through NFTs — since it is after all a smart contract, negating the needs for banks and institutions to gate keep the process of exchange. We offer artists the ability to send in ideas to BME and help to curate any and all of these worthwhile artistic pursuits in a way that gives the artist the ability to leave the tech out and do what they do best… keep making art, inspire and inform through their chosen mediums. As one artist is uplifted so we all are, and this is the power of NFTs.

As one artist is uplifted so we all are, and this is the power of NFTs.

BME’s Second NFT Auction: Mercurial bond¹ by Mrbabies

The god Mercury was the most clever of the Olympian gods. He ruled over wealth, good fortune but also thievery. Like the mercurial trickster, the music industry has assumed the role of god in the lives of modern artistry, translating only for the wealth of few and casting a dark shadow over the act of creation. Indeed stifling its very evolution, perpetuating shallow formulations of success versus collaborative celebrations of expression. The blockchain is the answer. BME is utilizing cutting edge technology to bond fans and creators of all music and the arts in powerful ways like never before. An intense depiction of this was created by resident artist and featured surrealist analog master Mrbabies of the new renaissance being born to the technological genesis eclipsing ties to the old gods of money. By artists for artists, welcome to our future. (Mrbabies 400k followers on

***This initial auction is for not only the NFT Art, but for an original signed copy of the stunning physical art itself. The highest bidder will unlock the contact information to reach the BME Team directly in order to work out the mailing of the physical piece.

**As always with Blockchain Music Entertainment branded NFT auctions, 50% of the final sale funds will go directly to the artist and a significant portion of the remainder will be used to perform an MP3 token buyback at market price.

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