BME Group’s First NFT

BME Group makes its NFT debut with a piece made for MP4 by a very popular artist

The internet is the most powerful tool of our modern lives, connecting vast communities across the world and linking individuals in ways no one could have imagined. The increased centralization of the internet has led to censorship and companies that monopolize the world’s data. A mere handful of companies have emerged triumphant in this increasingly homogenized and data-consuming economy. Platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google and Twitter have become the primary means of electronic expression. They operate as a de facto judge, jury, and censoring agent. Hate-speech and other moral dark areas obvious things that should not be condoned. The all-seeing-eye of an unknown censor or a nameless, faceless algorithm often decide what artists are allowed to express and what can be seen by the masses.

Case in point — Mr.babies ( who was threatened with removal of all his posts and artistic images on Instagram recently due an anonymous and blatantly false claim. All it takes is one insidious act from algorithms to damage his livelihood. Mr.babies has 390,000+ followers on Instagram and this has been the main outlet for his artwork to be displayed.

Blockchain is the clear answer for this overarching problem of technocratic censorship. Now is the time for decentralization of art. New forms of artistic output like NFTs are not just a novelty in this electronic era, they are a necessity. Here at Blockchain Music Entertainment (BME), we have partnerships and agreements with our featured artists to host their creations on Rarible and other NFT marketplaces.

Our first listing is a piece that Mr.Babies created for MP4. He also plans to be tokenized in our upcoming Dapp upon its release. Proceeds of this sale will benefit Mr.Babies, BME, and the BME ecosystem in the forms of token buybacks from a percentage of profits. Our goal at BME is to create a win-win situation for everyone and we thank our community and artists for making this vision a reality — we are honored to play our part in this modern day renaissance.

The Deets

NFT SALE on Rarible:

Chloe¹³ by @mr.babies

Mr.babies is the psychedelic collage king of the 21st Century. A modern day Picasso of paper craft, this Sedona-based artist draws inspiration across a dramatic canon of themes. With a honed eye and exuberant playfulness that speaks to the viewer, he touches and engages the connections between futurism, death, sexuality, nature and the surreal. Nearly 400k followers on Instagram can’t be wrong. The art of Mr.babies will stand to test amongst the modern Dadaesque masters of the new era. His journey into the world of digital expression begins with the collaboration of his visual arts under BME (Blockchain Music Entertainment) and the MP4 bonding curve platform that is coming soon. These limited edition NFTs will be one-off single image productions to immortalize his creations through the power of the mind and blockchain. The first NFT for sale is Chloe¹³ by @mr.babies.

***Sale open until Friday 3/12 or Instant Sale Price***

**50% of sale price goes directly to the artist Mr.babies and a portion of the remainder will be used to perform an MP4 token buyback at current market price.

*Bonus: Buyer receives invitation to join the BME Group core team alpha chat on TG for 24hrs and get all the inside scoop of what’s going on behind the scenes.

*Highest Bidder receives a physical signed copy of the original or
*Instant Sale Buyer receives the physical signed ORIGINAL

NFT SALE on Rarible:

See more of Mr.babies one of a kind works on his instagram page:

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